White women: Pay Attention

Engaging in civil disobedience during COVID.

A few of us are here in DC protesting the confirmation of Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court. 21 were arrested today including me.

But there are many white women here in support of Amy Coney Barrett, both inside the Senate and on the street. Financed by Charles Koch, Barrett supporters boarded busses to DC, many of them maskless, despite the airborne coronavirus that has killed 215,000+ Americans and infected nearly 8,000,000. They outnumber us at least 10–1.

Amy Coney Barrett, 48, is about to be the third extremist Supreme Court Justice nominated by a President who lost the popular vote, forming a 6–3 hard Conservative majority.

She, who has benefitted throughout her life from the protections against discrimination Black people gave their lives for, is now going to dismantle those very protections, and set us all back decades. My daughter will have less rights than me. And all this is taking place in two weeks during the Presidential election.


But where is the outrage?

Today we listened to US Senators, a retired Law School Dean, and Amy Coney Barrett herself, educated, powerful white women, describe why Amy Coney Barrett will be a great Supreme Court Justice, largely because she is intellectual, pious, and a great mother with conservative values.

U.S. Senator Marsha Blackburn

Conservative values? She accepted nomination by a man who cheated on his pregnant wife with a porn star, put children in cages, bragged about grabbing women by the pussy.

Patricia O’Hara, retired dean at the University of Notre Dame Law School

Great mother? She brought her children unmasked to a COVID superspreader event, then sent them to school where a teacher and two students contracted COVID.

Yet as I check my social media feeds, I don’t see my white women friends, educated, powerful white women, great mothers with liberal values, freaking out. It’s as if this isn’t happening at all, posting pics of their plants and home renovation projects and moaning about how hard it is to parent during COVID.

White women: why are we so myopic? There were thousands of us in DC for the Women’s March, to protest family separation, to protest Kavanaugh.

We need you, now.

If you can’t get to DC, call your Senators 202–224–3121 and demand they wait for the next President to confirm a Supreme Court Justice. They are counting calls. Even if they’re Democrats, push them to fight harder to delay this sham hearing.

Come to DC and protest at 8:00 am at the Supreme Court.

Join or organize a local protest.

Donate to Democrats challenging Senate Republicans.

Vote for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, who promised to appoint a Black woman to the Supreme Court, vote for Democrats running for Senate, and get everyone you know to join you.

Support the #SheWillRise initiative led by Black women demanding a Black woman justice.

Karen Fleshman Esq.,she/her/hers is an activist, attorney, single soccer mom, and founder of Racy Conversations, a workplace workshop facilitation company to inspire the antiracist generation. Alongside women from across the country, she was arrested multiple times for disrupting the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh. Known as Commonsense Karen, she is the author of the forthcoming book White Women We Need to Talk: Doing Our Part to End Racism.

Founder, Racy Conversations Inspiring the antiracist generation.

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