White Moms Like Me: Loving Our Kids Means We Must Vote Biden/Harris

It’s never been easy to be a mom. In 2020, it’s downright exhausting: send our kids to school or keep them home? Covid19 has killed more than 214,000 Americans, 7.69 million+ are sick, with no end in sight.

More than a million Americans file unemployment claims every week. At a time when we most need to stay home, 30 million Americans are at risk of eviction, Florida faces record hurricanes, the West is ablaze, and tornadoes and torrential downpours strike other regions.

Unlike prior downturns, women are the hardest hit. Many of us are shouldering the burden of keeping our kids safe and learning largely alone.

We are all stressed out. Some white moms are offended by “Karen” and worried that the protests on TV threaten our way of life. Some of us don’t care what happens to others as long as we are able to renovate our homes and post cute pics of our nice vacations to Instagram. And so some white moms are planning to vote for Trump again.

Mike Brown and the Ferguson uprising changed me.

Protesting SFPD executing Mario Woods, 2015

I began regularly participating in Black Lives Matter protests alongside mothers who lost their children to police in 2014. We have been disruptive but we have never been destructive. Our love for our kids motivates us to protest those who do not value Black life.

Before George Floyd called for his mama, when I tried to get my white mom friends to join me, they were largely non-responsive. This summer my heart soared when Americans of all races and ages in all 50 states united behind young Black leaders demanding change.

Photo from Al Jazeera June 7 2020

But I was worried, too, because I know white men in power are not going to give it up without a struggle. And few white Americans are truly willing to work towards racial justice.

I do not resent #Karen, I view it as a call for accountability and an important mirror for white women to reflect on and change our ways.

Trump is fueling the racism we’re seeing, worsening the problem he claims to solve, from calling Mexicans rapists when he announced his candidacy, to saying there are “some very fine people on both sides” in Charlottesville. He is fumbling the pandemic and endangering countless others by returning to the White House while infectious and hosting large events in violation of CDC guidelines.

COVID positive Trump returns maskless to the White House October 5, 2020

At a time when climate change is literally killing Americans and robbing our children of their future, he pulled the United States, the world’s second largest emitter of greenhouse gas, out of the Paris Climate Agreement, the only country in the world to do so.

A second Trump term will make the rich richer as everyday Americans’ struggles intensify: our democracy will die, the pandemic will kill more people, we will edge ever closer towards fascism, and climate change will spiral out of control.

Who will be most harmed? Our children, who will live with the consequences.

And guess what? You will still be able to renovate your house and go on nice vacations with Joe Biden and Kamala Harris in the White House. AND your neighbors and coworkers will be able to live without fear of being killed or caged by white supremacists.

We will finally be able to get the pandemic under control. Just think how many cute photos you’ll be able to post to Instagram after that!!!

As moms, our responsibilities are tremendous. Our choices affect our kids their entire lives. Years from now, our children will ask us what we did in 2020 to heal our country and make it a safe, happy, healthy place for children.

Make sure you will be able to tell them that you chose them.

Not planning to vote? Don’t know who to vote for? Planning to vote for Trump? Want to persuade your family not to vote for Trump? Let’s talk

Here’s a great video for white women seeking to persuade their family not to vote for Trump.

Karen Fleshman, she/her/hers is the founder of Racy Conversations, a workplace workshop facilitation company whose mission is to inspire the antiracist generation. Known as Commonsense Karen, she is the author of the forthcoming book White Women We Need to Talk: Doing Our Part to End Racism.

Founder, Racy Conversations Inspiring the antiracist generation.

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