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Jessica St. Louis, 26, found dead at the Dublin BART station, July 28, 2018

Folks it is hard to describe how sad I am about Nia Wilson, Letifah Wilson, and Jessica St. Louis.

Can we please for the love of God end racism so we can keep our young people safe?

This is my testimony to the San Francisco Board of Supervisors July 31, 2018

“I’m Karen Fleshman.

Today I come before you as a mom, as a mentor, as a community member. I come here tonight to say her name.

Nia Wilson

Letifah Wilson

Jessica St Louis released from Santa Rita jail at 1 am Saturday night and found dead in East Bay Dublin BART hours later.

If young Black women can’t be safe in the Bay Area, where can they be safe?

I ask that this body recognize that it is RACISM that is killing our young people and to work tirelessly to end racism.

White people:

Public officials

Newcomers to San Francisco like me

Tech professionals

Ending racism is on US!

We must change ourselves, our relationships our spheres of influence

We must use our resources and hire people of color

We need to stop applying our brilliance to develop some stupid ap and apply it to making our community safer.


More police officers will not keep our young people safe.

More police officers will lead to more Oscar Grants Mario Woods Jessica Nelson Williams Amilcar Perez Lopez Adolfo Delgados and Alex Nietos

I plead with you, do NOT hire 200 new SFPD officers.

Create the Commission Supervisor Yee proposed and you voted for to study what size police force San Francisco actually needs.

If 50% of our calls are for people in mental health duress, SFPD is NOT the answer.

We need a corps of mental health workers and mediators without guns who can work with mentally ill and homeless people and deescalate and resolve conflict.

This is YOUR responsibility.

Keep our young people safe!”

Karen Fleshman, Esq. is the founder of Racy Conversations.

Her mission is to inspire the first antiracist generation in the United States.

43% of Millennials are people of color. 47% of Generation Z are people of color.

When we flip 10% of the white people in those generations- and 10% of white women- to antiracism, we will have a majority antiracist generation that will be transformative.

She speaks and cofacilitates workshops on race nationwide and online and contributes to Huffington Post, Moguldom, and The GED Section.

Karen is a cofounder of San Franciscans for Police Accountability and serves on the workgroup overseeing US Department of Justice recommendations on ending bias at SFPD. @fleshmankaren

Founder, Racy Conversations Inspiring the antiracist generation.

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