Jonathan, Thank you! That is a beautiful and thoughtful response!

First of all the very act of raising the questions you’ve raised is a huge step in the right direction.

It drives me absolutely crazy that, if you want to become a radicalized white supremacist, there are umpteen places to learn how, but few places to learn what you are seeking.

I have heard good things about and if you live near San Francisco, SF Black Community Matters, SURJ, and I are collaborating on some workshops that will be public and start soon.

Here are four ways to get started:

Admit you harbor racist beliefs. We all do. We were taught them as children, they are replicated in the media, and most of us have very few friends outside our race.

Write “people of all racial groups are equal. The only thing wrong with people of color is discrimination” on some sticky notes. Stick them on your bathroom mirror, on your wallet, on your computer at work. As you move through your everyday life, evaluate each situation you encounter- and the way you interact- against these statements. Start to ask yourself, if people of all racial groups are equal, why is my social circle/workplace/kids school so homogeneous? Why do I feel uncomfortable or fearful around certain people and comfortable around others?

Start to intentionally expand your social network. Seek out networking opportunities where you will be a minority in the room. In the next 30 days, go to at least one such event and meet new people. Followup and start building relationships.

Find likeminded people in your social circle/workplace/ kids’ school and work together to dismantle one aspect of systemic racism as it manifests in these spheres of influence. For example, approach the senior leadership of your company and say, “we think its a problem that people of color are so underrepresented at our company, and we would like to collaborate with you on changing our recruiting and hiring process to help change that.” In the next 60 days, make at least one tangible change.

Racism will not end from on high, it will end from a grassroots movement of people like you and me changing ourselves, our relationships, and our spheres of influence, and bubble up from there.

Founder, Racy Conversations Inspiring the antiracist generation.

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