Dear White People: It’s Time to Step Up

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November 8th I hardly slept at all. I cried all day on the 9th.

Since then, I have slowly regained my joy and purpose by intensifying my activism on local issues.

As I look around, I see a lot of white friends who want to do something but don’t know what or how.

We don’t want the police to kill another unarmed Black man, or women wearing hijab to be harassed. We can’t bear the videos of young people yelling “Build a Wall” at their Latino classmates.

But we are not quite sure what to do.

The worst thing we could possibly do is retreat into comfort. Our neighbors need us.

By following the leadership of activists of color and focusing on the intense challenges in our community instead of drowning in despair about what is going on in Washington, we can accomplish a lot.

I know this for sure- White people will not be successful at resisting the Trump administration- nor will local activists of color welcome our participation- unless we overcome our racial biases. Our first order of business must be working on ourselves.

It’s up to all of us — especially those of us in the position of power — to come together to educate and advocate for the rights of our neighbors — who are experiencing discrimination right in front of us.

I am fairly confident that my privilege as a White professional will shield me from the worst of the Trump administration.

But I am very worried about my friends of color who were already so vulnerable even under President Obama.

That’s why I created a one-time “How to Overcome Implicit Racial Bias” masterclass to kick off 2017. It takes place online on Tuesday January 10 from 10:00 to 11:15 am PT. If you can’t make it live, don’t worry, we’ll send you a video right afterwards.

I’ll be sharing my personal journey from growing up in a nearly all White community thinking “racism is bad, Dr. Martin Luther King is awesome, and racism doesn’t have anything to do with me” to becoming an effective local partner working in support of Black and Brown activists to achieve meaningful change.

This is not standard “how to do good” type advice. I’ll be sharing what I have learned firsthand, including how to:

· Achieve the right mindset

· Overcome racial bias

· Talk about race productively with people of color and other white people

· Have a positive impact in our spheres of influence

If you’re ready to move from confusion and overwhelm to clarity, action, and accountability, I hope you’ll join us. You can register here.

And if you work for a company or organization that could benefit from training on overcoming racial bias, contact me directly.


Karen Fleshman

Karen Fleshman, Esq. is a Racial Equity Trainer, Huffington Post blogger, and Government Accountability Advocate. Her mission is to build and support a community of people committed to love, learning, accountability, and action on race in America. She offers talks and workshops at companies, universities, nonprofits, and government agencies and is active in the movement for police accountability. Karen is a graduate of Mount Holyoke College, The University of Texas at Austin, and New York Law School, cum laude, and is admitted to practice in New York. @fleshmankaren

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