White Americans the white terrorist attack on our Capitol must be our turning point. We created white supremacy, we benefit from it, we continue to be the majority and to hold disproportionate power. It doesn’t go away without us relinquishing it.

We must be the generation to recognize the fully equal humanity of every human being and actively engage in fighting for it.

Think about the outcry that would happen right now if a foreign power or any other group of Americans attacked the US Capitol. There would be outrage and demands for widespread accountability.

Why are so few white…

More of us voted for pussygrabber in chief in 2020 than we did in 2016

I held out hope that a significant number of white women would break with our past and vote with Black women in 2020. The Women’s March in 2017 was the largest single day protest in US history. Women expressed their frustration with Trump online in groups like Pantsuit Nation and offline in groups like Indivisible and Swing Left. In 2018 women protested family separation and the Kavanaugh confirmation. In the midterm 2018 election, significant numbers of white women who had voted for Trump in 2016…

Barrett’s Sham Confirmation is the Last Straw

Protestors gather at Supreme Court October 14, 2020

In 1776, Americans revolted against taxation without representation. In 2020, Republicans, a minority, are taxing us, the majority, without representation. They are imposing their extremism onto us, stripping away our rights, enriching the wealthiest Americans, and it’s time for us to revolt with civil disobedience.

Republicans are fumbling the coronavirus pandemic and economic downturn, with no end in sight. COVID-19 has killed more than 216,000 Americans, and nearly eight million are sick. More than a million Americans file unemployment claims every week, and at a time when we most need to stay home…

Engaging in civil disobedience during COVID.

A few of us are here in DC protesting the confirmation of Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court. 21 were arrested today including me.

But there are many white women here in support of Amy Coney Barrett, both inside the Senate and on the street. Financed by Charles Koch, Barrett supporters boarded busses to DC, many of them maskless, despite the airborne coronavirus that has killed 215,000+ Americans and infected nearly 8,000,000. They outnumber us at least 10–1.

Amy Coney Barrett, 48, is about to be the third extremist Supreme Court Justice nominated by a President who…

Millennials and Gen Z: watch out. Amy Coney Barrett’s confirmation hearing to the US Supreme Court begins tomorrow and Republicans plan to vote on her by the end of October. If Republicans succeed in confirming Barrett, age 48, three of nine Supreme Court Justices will be Trump supporters, including Neil Gorsuch, age 53, and Brett Kavanaugh, age 55, serving for the rest of their lives making decisions to take away your health care, expand gun rights, end reproductive rights, eliminate gay marriage. There’s a reason why Americans for Prosperity, an organization founded by the Koch Brothers who were also behind…

It’s never been easy to be a mom. In 2020, it’s downright exhausting: send our kids to school or keep them home? Covid19 has killed more than 214,000 Americans, 7.69 million+ are sick, with no end in sight.

More than a million Americans file unemployment claims every week. At a time when we most need to stay home, 30 million Americans are at risk of eviction, Florida faces record hurricanes, the West is ablaze, and tornadoes and torrential downpours strike other regions.

Unlike prior downturns, women are the hardest hit. …

Karen Fleshman, Minda Harts, Ellen Bolotin, Brittany Dandy, Lenora Houseworth discuss “Closing the Empathy Gap”​ Jan 2019

We can all agree 2020 has been a disaster that has particularly harmed women. But relatively few white women recognize interracial sisterhood is the only way out. Women need our collective power to take on the patriarchy and transform politics, work, home, and society so we can all thrive.

For women to unite, white women must demonstrate over a sustained period of time that we can be trusted. Right now, Black women and women of color have every reason not to trust us, a distrust that originated in slavery. …

Hi white people who have just realized “racism is a problem and I am part of the problem” and welcome!!!

Please know white people created racism, anti-Blackness and white supremacy and it’s our responsibility to dismantle it. We need you! Please don’t go away. And please commit for the long haul, as a friend of mine said yesterday, “this isn’t even the bootcamp yet, we are in the recruitment phase.”

At the same time, exhausted Black people do not need further trauma. If you don’t come correct right now you will cause further harm.

Here’s some tips for how to…

Minneapolis 3rd Precinct May 28 2020

“Oh Karen… I couldn’t sleep. The George Floyd video has gotten me so disturbed and distraught.. I must do something. The police department needs to hold the cops bad actions accountable. This injustice is systemic and deeply rooted like you mentioned before. I don’t want to sit idle. I feel like not doing anything is being complicit to injustice. I want to do something.. 😔😭 I’m sick of crying about injustice and tyranny. I want to do more. What can we do, Karen? Sorry so early in the morning but I just need to reach out to you about this.”

Amy Cooper is a mirror all white women need to look at and grow from.We must not turn away and pretend we didn’t see her, nor pretend she doesn’t live inside of us.

Screenshot of a video by Christian Cooper

Our transformation is long overdue. It begins by seeing ourselves clearly, the way others do.

If white women don’t want to be held to account for white women’s behavior, we must change our behavior. Those of us who are not the white women raising monsters, voting for monsters, and behaving like monsters have a responsibility to reach and teach those who are. …

Karen Fleshman

Founder, Racy Conversations Inspiring the antiracist generation.

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