Author yelling at the Senate Judiciary Committee, Brett Kavanaugh confirmation hearing Sept. 4, 2018

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg died a year ago. Three weeks ago, the Supreme Court allowed Texas to ban abortions six weeks after conception and to deputize Texas citizens to terrorize pregnant people seeking health care.

While women of color, immigrant women and women living in poverty are the…

Vote NO on recalling Gavin Newsom

Lake Tahoe inundated by smoke from the Caldor fire August 25, 2021

As a single mom in California, I lay in bed every night worried for my kids. On top of all the challenges to their learning and our mental and physical health in the pandemic, our state is on fire, in a drought, and Fentanyl overdoses statewide are skyrocketing.

We have…

By Arlen Parsa: John Trumbull’s painting “Declaration of Independence,” with red dots on all the men who owned slaves.

The “Founding Fathers” knew from the beginning that having white heirs and educating them in the ways of white supremacy was crucial to the enterprise of accumulating tremendous intergenerational wealth and power. …

Karen Fleshman

Founder, Racy Conversations Inspiring the antiracist generation.

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